Emergency Contact

Hotline: 03-8881 0200

Emergency Contacts if you are not feeling well


If you have been to places with COVID-19 or in contact with an infected

person in the last 14 days and you are not feeling well, check if you have

symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). These are


  • fever (high temperature)

  • cough or

  • difficulty breathing

If you do have symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), you should phone your doctor or emergency department (ED) immediately.


Do not visit a doctor or ED - phone them first. This is so you do not

accidentally put other people at risk. If you do not have a doctor, phone the


MOH Malaysia hotline:

Telephone: 03-8881 0200 / 03-8881 0600 / 03-8881 0700

Email: cprc@moh.gov.my


Tell them about your symptoms. Let them know you have been to a country

or region with a spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or in contact with an

infected person.


If your doctor thinks that you need to be tested, they will tell you where the

test will be done. They will also tell you when to expect results.


Avoid contact with other people by self-isolating.